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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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From concept through design and engineering to production, Stellar Space Industries B.V. has the technical know-how to cover the complete process of designing and manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing. Customized technology solutions are an integral part of the company’s strategy, supported by an engineering team.

Our motivated employees love the interaction with the customer as well as demanding projects. This is why these committed aerospace specialists are there for you from the specialization phase through to the final product launch. The project managers try to convey information to the customer quickly, flexibly and proactively as clearly as possible. This means that the customer is supported in the appropriate detailing and definition of the project scope, taking into account costs, time and the selection of suitable technologies.

Building on this is the rapid delivery of solutions due to the use of COTS products and additive manufacturing. The procedure is supported by milestones and thus guarantees the smooth progress of the projects and thus guarantees the necessary transparency towards the customer. The customer is present during the entire cycle from design to production and testing.

Our experience and expertise

Project management

From simple project support to full service, time planning, cost-planning, requirements engineering

Mechanical design

from the first line to the complete system, structure design and simulations

System Engineering

Full mechatronics system design, assembly, integration and testing

Requirements engineering

We organize the requirements according to your specification or help you to find the specification you need for your product.

Manufacturing, assembly, and integration

You want us to handle the manufacturing, assembly and integration of your parts

EU and ESA proposal writing and support

You need help, with our help with supporting your Proposal?

If one of the above situations applies to you or if you have another question, please contact us for a no-obligation initial meeting to see if I can support you with this.

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