Stellar Space Industries is a start-up in the space industry that is located on the Science Park in Leiden. The commercial opportunities in the space industry are currently driving a quick series of innovations. These developments have opened the space industry for small innovative companies. Stellar Space Industries is founded to encourage the development of innovative ideas. Only the challenges that are brought forward by the exploration of our universe are constraining the future of spaceflight. For this reason it is essential to develop new products that break through these constraints.

Our activities in research and development are mainly focused on in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), specifically to collect and process materials from space in order to generate alternative propellants and propulsion systems. The market potential for ISRU is high, due to the fact that the transportation of propellant from earth to space is very expensive, therefore space related organizations are interested in the availability of propellants in space. Currently Stellar Space Industries researches the possibility to use oxygen that is collected and processed from low earth orbit (LEO) as a propellant in space.


The development department of Stellar Space Industries designs an accumulator, which collects oxygen in Very Low Earth Orbit. Delivering oxygen from Very Low Earth Orbit will cause massive cost reductions for space operations. We at Stellar Space Industries believe that this will not only makes launching cheaper, but will also prolong the use of operational technology.

Earth applications

The components that make up the accumulator have applications here on earth. For this reason these components can be financed with a short return on investment. For the development of components we develop test-facilities and gain knowledge in various research fields. In this way Stellar Space Industries its contributuion is not only valuable for space exploration, but also applicable for terrestrial purposes.

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